Inventorying Service Accounts and Computers with Powershell

Hi there!

I’d like to share a tool I wrote earlier this year for inventorying Windows services running on domain computers running Server. I’m a big fan of PowerShell, and since getting a handle on a services “landscape” is something I’ve previously had to do multiple times manually I decided to automate it back in January. Plus, it’s a rare environment I’ve come across where someone has had the time to accurately inventory all the service accounts and/or taken a look at whether there are “zombie” servers or computer accounts within the domain.

While it’s not as comprehensive as the MAP Toolkit I find it a bit more useful, and certainly a lot quicker than combing through the multiple CSV files the MAP Toolkit generates in order to get some information back.

The script is entirely command-line based, and the prerequisites are detailed in the comments. This script is beerware licensed.