Microsoft beginning immediate VM reboot… gee… thanks for the warning.



Hello there,

Just got off the phone with Microsoft, tech apologized for not being able to confirm my earlier supposition here (He totally fooled me into thinking it was unrelated). Tech sent me to this article here. 

I explained at colourful length my opinion of the superlative way Microsoft’s corporate communications staff handled this general patching window, which I’ve spoken about in my previous post.

The tech mentioned I might want to check out Google’s blog. 

Also, Project Zero have posted an update here which goes into much more depth about the exploits they developed. 

Reading between the lines it seems as if Google jumped the gun, and now Microsoft (and presumably the rest of the world) are playing catchup.

Linus Torvalds, in his typical style, sums Intel up nicely here.

What a fun start to 2018, eh!

Cheers, and good luck!

Update 03:10 UTC 04 JAN Microsoft have released KB4056892 to resolve this issue on Windows 10 machines  however it looks like they may have had to rush it out as there are several known issues with it.